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Plumbers in Davis County

Here at Pipe Pro’s Utah, we are committed to providing reliable plumbing services paired with industry-leading customer service and support. Our skilled plumbers in Davis County are knowledgeable in all areas and always ready to help, so whether you need help with your sink, toilets, or water heater replacements, we’ve got you covered.

Pipe Pro’s Utah is also a fully licensed and insured Plumbing Company that you can always rely on for both residential and commercial jobs.

Melissa Erwin


I would highly recommend pipe pros Utah !! Fred has been in the plumbing business for a very long time and is very professional! Got right in and got the job done right! Friendly and very dependable for all your needs!

Nick Dunham


I had a water main leak that required excavating my front yard. They were very quick (within hours of contacting them) to get my water main fixed and turned back on. Great company would use again.

Caitlin Aureguy


I had an emergency sewage backup hours before all my guests were arriving for Thanksgiving dinner – worst situation ever!! I called at least 10 other plumbing companies but no one took my call or returned my VMs. I am SO grateful for Pipe Pros! You saved my Thanksgiving!

Cruz Soto

Best place to get your water heater replaced! They responded at a timely manner and prices are the best in the area. They educated us on what we needed and got it done professionally. Definitely recommend using them.

Cruz Soto

Best place to get your water heater replaced! They responded at a timely manner and prices are the best in the area. They educated us on what we needed and got it done professionally. Definitely recommend using them.

Cruz Soto

Best place to get your water heater replaced! They responded at a timely manner and prices are the best in the area. They educated us on what we needed and got it done professionally. Definitely recommend using them.

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Our Promise To Our Customer

 We take pride in our work and want to ensure that our customers are happy with the results. We offer a wide range of emergency plumbing services, and we are always available to answer any questions you may have.

We know the importance of a clean home, and we want to make sure that your home is always clean after we finish a project. We will always clean up after ourselves and make sure that there is no mess left behind.

When you hire Pipe Pros Utah, you can rest assured knowing that you are hiring a licensed and insured plumbing company. We are dedicated to providing our customers with the best possible service and will always make sure that our work is up to code

We will never hidden fees or surprise charges. We will always give you a clear estimate before we start any work so that you know exactly what to expect. Contact us today to learn more about our pricing options!

Plumbing Services We Offer

In addition to our regular plumbing services, we also offer a wide range of additional services that can help with any plumbing issue you may have. Whether you need help with main water line repairs, slab leak repair, or hydro jetting you can always count on Pipe Pros Utah. Contact us today to learn more about our additional services!

Pipe Pros Utah Is The Best Choice For All Your Plumbing Needs!

Welcome to Pipe Pros Utah, your number-one source for all your plumbing needs. We are proud to be a locally-owned and operated business. With our team of experts, we  offer you high-quality workmanship at competitive prices.

At Pipe Pros Utah, we understand the importance of having reliable plumbing services when you need them most. That’s why we ensure that each of our technicians is highly trained in all facets of residential and commercial plumbing, including installation, repair, maintenance, drain cleaning, and more. Our experienced staff provides prompt service and professional advice to help meet your plumbing needs.

We offer our top-tier services in Salt Lake City, Murray, West Valley, West Jordan, Millcreek, Ogden, Layton, Bountiful, Farmington, and the surrounding areas. Our service area primarily covers the following:

Whether you need help with a simple repair or installing a complex plumbing system, we have the skills and expertise to assist you. 

We Offer The Best Residential and Commercial Plumbing in Salt Lake City

At Pipe Pros Utah, we proudly offer our customers the highest quality residential and commercial plumbing services in Salt Lake City. Our team consists of knowledgeable and experienced plumbers who have years of experience solving all sorts of plumbing problems. From minor issues like drain and sewer jetting to major projects such as installing water heaters and providing excavation services, we can tackle any job quickly and efficiently.

We understand that each plumbing issue is unique, which is why we take the time to assess your needs before offering a customized solution. We always strive to provide excellent customer service and ensure every customer is 100% satisfied with our work. All our services come with a guarantee and special discounts, so you can rest assured that you will be taken care of.

Our residential and commercial plumbing services include repairing, installing, and maintaining all plumbing systems. We have the expertise and experience to handle any job, from minor repairs to large-scale projects. Our Salt Lake County team is highly trained in all aspects of residential and commercial plumbing and can provide reliable solutions that will last for years.

Looking For Top-Notch Drain Cleaning and Maintenance Services in Ogden? Give Us a Call!

Do you need high-quality drain cleaning and maintenance services in Ogden? Look no further than Pipe Pros Utah! Our team of certified plumbing professionals provides top-notch, reliable drain cleaning services to keep your home’s pipes and sewers free from clogs. We clean out existing blockages and take preventative measures that can help extend the life of your plumbing system and reduce the risk of future obstructions developing.

We use only advanced equipment and techniques to completely remove all debris from your drains and sewer lines. This includes using powerful water jets to break up stubborn clogs and vacuum systems for deep suction action. We also offer a wide range of inspection, repair, and installation services to ensure your plumbing system remains in tip-top shape. 

With Pipe Pros Utah, you can rest assured that your drains will be cleaned thoroughly and that all future clogs and blockages will be prevented. We believe in providing outstanding customer service coupled with high-quality workmanship. Our team is dedicated to providing each customer with an exceptional experience. If you’re looking for the finest drain cleaning services in the area, don’t hesitate to contact us today.

We Provide the Best Bountiful Water Heater Repair and Installation Services

We provide water heater repair and installation services for all makes and models of electric, gas-fired, and tankless water heaters. Our experienced technicians can quickly diagnose any problems you may have with your system and make professional repairs to get it back up and running in no time. We specialize in troubleshooting circuitry issues, replacing leaking valves or components, flushing sediment from tanks, inspecting the unit for proper ventilation, checking thermostat accuracy, resetting pilot lights, testing pressure relief valves, and more. We’ll also install new systems if needed—we offer both traditional tanked units as well as state-of-the-art tankless options that save energy by heating the water only when you need it.

We use only high-quality parts and materials, and stand behind all our Bountiful services with warranties. Our goal is to provide fast, reliable service at an affordable price so that you can get back to enjoying hot showers as soon as possible.

We Provide Top-Notch Water Heater Services in Layton, Utah

Our qualified technicians understand that water heater installation and repair in Utah can be complicated. That’s why we strive to ensure our customers are informed and comfortable with the process by always explaining everything before beginning a project. Our team of experts is highly trained and certified in all areas related to water heaters. From traditional tank models to more advanced tankless designs, we’re familiar with them all, so you can rest assured we’ll be able to fix your water heater.

Whether you need a new installation or simply require some repairs, our technicians will work quickly and effectively to restore your hot water as soon as possible. The safety of our customers is our number one priority – that’s why we only use the highest quality materials and equipment for every job. We know how important it is to have a properly functioning water heater, and we’re here to make sure you get the best service possible.

For top-of-the-line water heater services in Layton, Utah, contact us today. Our team is happy to answer any questions and discuss your options for repair or installation. Don’t delay – get your hot water flowing again with expert water heater services from our trusted professionals!

We Offer Superior Residential and Commercial Plumbing Repairs in West Valley

Pipes Pros Utah provides residents and businesses in the West Valley area with superior plumbing repairs. Our professional plumbers have extensive experience working with various residential and commercial systems, including water heaters, gas plumbing, vent systems, and external drainage systems.

Whether your pipes require repair or you’re having trouble with your water heater, our team is here to help. We are committed to providing high-quality solutions quickly and efficiently so that you can return to enjoying the comforts of your home. We take pride in our commitment to customer satisfaction and use top-of-the-line materials and tools when performing any service.

From routine maintenance to emergency services, Pipes Pros Utah has you covered. Let us take the stress out of your plumbing problems and provide reliable, fast repair service. Contact us today to learn more about our residential

The Top-Notch Emergency Plumbing Services Murray Residents Rely On

When securing top-notch emergency plumbing services, Murray, Utah residents know that the experienced and dependable plumbers at Pipe Pros Utah are the ones to call. We keep our doors open when you need us most, offering 24/7 residential and commercial emergency plumbing service throughout Salt Lake Valley. Our team of licensed and insured professionals is ready to tackle the most demanding jobs whenever plumbing problems strike.

At Pipe Pros Utah, we understand how critical having a reliable plumbing system in your home or business is, especially during an emergency. That’s why we strive to provide fast and efficient services at competitive prices so that our customers can quickly return to their everyday routines. Plumbing emergencies can occur at any time and can include issues such as burst pipes, sewer backups, or clogged drains. If you experience an emergency plumbing issue, don’t wait – call the experts at Pipe Pros Utah immediately. We will arrive promptly with all the necessary tools and supplies to diagnose the issue quickly and make repairs.

Reliable Plumbing Services in Farmington, Utah

We have the best professional plumbers in Farmington, Utah. Our experienced and licensed plumbing technicians provide high-quality services and solutions for residential and commercial customers alike. Whether you need something as simple as an emergency plumbing repair or a complete plumbing system installation, we will be there to help you.

We understand that plumbing emergencies can be stressful and require immediate attention. That’s why we provide transparent pricing and free estimates for our services, so you have full control over the situation and can rest assured knowing that you will not be taken advantage of. Best of all, we offer 24/7 emergency plumbing services when you need us the most. 

We are dedicated to providing dependable and top-quality service. We use state-of-the-art products and industry-leading techniques to ensure our customers receive the best plumbing services possible. 

We Are the Go-To Drain and Sewer Plumbing Experts in West Jordan

Pipe Pros Utah is the plumbing company to call in West Jordan for drain and sewer repair, replacement, or installation. We offer a variety of services, from repairing broken lines to installing new drains and sewers. Our experienced technicians have the skills and knowledge to identify problems and develop solutions tailored to your plumbing system.

We use state-of-the-art equipment to get the job done quickly and efficiently so you can get back to your routine as soon as possible. We also provide a free consultation before any work begins so you’ll know exactly what’s going on with your pipes, how much it will cost, and when it will be completed.

We’re here to provide you with the highest quality service possible. Our sewer repair contractors are ready to tackle any drainage or sewer issue, regardless of how problematic it may be. Contact our team now for a free consultation!

We Provide Plumbing Excavation Services in Millcreek

Pipe Pros Utah offers plumbing excavation services for residential and commercial properties in Millcreek. We understand that the excavation process can be intrusive, so our expert team takes extra care to ensure minimal damage to the surrounding landscape. Our experienced technicians use top-of-the-line excavating equipment, allowing us to provide efficient and effective plumbing excavation services without compromising safety or quality.

We are dedicated to providing reliable and affordable plumbing excavation solutions, regardless of the size or scope of the project we undertake. Our team will closely monitor all aspects of the job from start to finish to ensure your property is not compromised during the excavation process. Our goal is always to leave your property looking as good as it did before the excavation process began.

Are you looking for reliable plumbing excavation services? You’ve come to the right place because Pipe Pros Utah is your best choice. Our experienced technicians have the knowledge, expertise, and equipment to handle any plumbing excavation project. We take pride in providing home and business owners with reliable plumbing excavation services. We look forward to helping you with all of your Millcreek plumbing problems. Get in touch with our office today to schedule a service call. Contact us today to learn more about our services and to get started with your project. We look forward to working with you!

utah plumber

Looking for the Best Plumbing Company in Weber County ?

At Pipe Pros Utah, we care about providing the best plumbing services in Weber County. Our experienced technicians are dedicated to providing the highest level of service, using their extensive knowledge and expertise to resolve your plumbing issues. Our trained technicians take pride in providing our customers with reliable and affordable plumbing solutions.

We adhere to all the safety guidelines and regulations set forth by the state of Utah County officials. Our team is equipped with cutting-edge technology to provide plumbing services with minimal disruption to your property. We will always take the time to discuss your needs and provide a customized plan that fits within your budget. Contact us today to learn how we can help you with your plumbing problems.

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"Fred came in and fixed a botched plumbing job. He is super professional and really knows his stuff. I highly recommend Fred and the PipePros team for ANY plumbing issue you have!"

Cruz Soto

Best place to get your water heater replaced! They responded at a timely manner and prices are the best in the area. They educated us on what we needed and got it done professionally. Definitely recommend using them.

Josh Doutre

"Pipe Pro's Utah is the best Plummer out there. They are very responsive. I have had them come to my home and were very professional and honest. I would recommend them to anyone."

Spencer Salisbury

"They were awesome! They were able to replace our 20 year old water heater within hours of it passing into the great beyond. We woke up to cold showers in the morning and Pipe Pros got us hot water again before dinner. Would highly recommend!"

Pipe Pros Bountiful Plumber


For more information or to schedule service, call us at 801-804-5322 or click the button below to contact us online.

pipe pros plumbing utah


For more information or to schedule service, call us at 801-804-5322 or click the button below to contact us online.

Plumbers in Utah

Frequently Asked Questions

Plumbers are proficient experts who focus on the creation, repair, and upkeep of systems that facilitate the flow of water, waste, and gas in a variety of structures such as homes, businesses, and industrial establishments. They’re required to adhere to rigorous safety protocols and construction guidelines to guarantee the optimal performance of these systems.

The three essential functions of a plumber encompass:

Developing and maintaining water, waste, and gas systems in structures.
Detecting and addressing plumbing challenges, including leaks and blockages.
Abiding by safety procedures and construction guidelines.

Determining whether you need a professional plumber depends on the complexity and severity of the plumbing issue. While some minor problems, such as a clogged drain or a leaky faucet, can be addressed by homeowners with basic plumbing knowledge and tools, more complex issues require the expertise of a licensed professional.

To decide if you need a professional plumber, consider these factors:

  • The complexity of the issue: If it involves multiple components or requires specialized equipment, call a plumber.
  • Your plumbing knowledge and experience: If you’re unsure about what to do or how to use certain tools, it’s best to hire a professional.
  • Potential risks and consequences: If a mistake could cause significant damage or pose a safety hazard, consult a plumber.

Finding a reliable and qualified plumber can be done through several methods, including personal recommendations, online research, and checking with professional associations. It’s essential to verify their credentials, experience, and customer reviews to ensure you’re hiring a reputable professional.

Follow these steps to find a reliable and qualified plumber:

  • Ask for personal recommendations from friends, family, or neighbors who have had positive experiences with plumbers.
  • Search online for plumbers in your area, paying close attention to customer reviews and ratings.
  • Check with professional associations, such as the Plumbing-Heating-Cooling Contractors Association (PHCC), for a list of licensed plumbers in your region.

When hiring a plumber, you should expect a clear communication process, a detailed estimate, and a professional approach to the job. The plumber should be able to diagnose the problem, explain the required repairs or installations, and provide a written estimate of the costs involved. They should also respect your property and clean up any mess created during the job.

When hiring a plumber, you should expect:

  • Clear communication about the problem and the required repairs or installations.
  • A detailed, written estimate of the costs involved in the job.
  • A professional approach, including respecting your property and cleaning up any mess created during the job.

Proper maintenance and regular inspections can help prevent common plumbing issues and prolong the life of your plumbing system. By taking preventive measures, you can avoid costly repairs and ensure your plumbing system functions efficiently.

To prevent common plumbing issues and maintain your plumbing system:

  • Schedule regular inspections by a licensed plumber to detect potential issues early.
  • Be mindful of what goes down your drains, avoiding grease, hair, and other debris that can cause clogs.
  • Insulate exposed pipes to prevent freezing and bursting during cold weather.

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