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We offer dependable Plumbing Excavation Services in Farmington and surrounding Utah areas.

Navigating Underground Challenges with Expert Excavation Precision

Contact Pipe Pros Utah—the leader in plumbing excavation services and underground plumbing work in Farmington and surrounding Utah areas. 

Always request the service of a professional plumber to take care of any plumbing excavation work you need to do. Pipe Pros Utah Plumbing Company has the expertise to repair or replace underground water and sewer lines and provide plumbing excavation services for residential and commercial properties with minimal damage to the surrounding landscape. Excavating around existing buildings, utilities, landscaping items, and trees is no problem for our expert team, who have experience using excavating equipment to provide outstanding plumbing excavation services without damaging the surrounding property.

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Plumbing Excavation Services Farmington

What is Plumbing Excavation?

It is possible to fix most plumbing problems with no-dig methods, but plumbing excavation is essential in some circumstances.

Plumbing excavation is a method of excavating the soil with high-pressure water to reveal your pipeline. Dirt is flushed out of the pipeline using pressured water and deposited in a debris tank. With this, the clog in the plumbing system will be flushed out by removing garbage and blockages.

Choosing Pipe Pros Utah for your plumbing excavation services in Davis County, Utah, will make you happy. It doesn’t matter if the area is open or constrained; we can still provide plumbing excavation services.  Aside from ensuring the safety of your home, our staff is also capable of repairing and restoring your property’s surface to make it seem as good as new and your plumbing function as it should.

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When Would You Need Plumbing Excavation Services?

Often, most homeowners are confused about when they need an excavation service.  And to ensure that the plumbing excavation repair or replacement is done correctly and safely the first time, you should hire a licensed and qualified plumber that understands what they’re doing and has experience excavating. Here are a few scenarios where you need an excavation service.

Sewer Lines

A clogged or leaky main sewer line is the worst thing that can happen to a household. It’s a biohazard to deal with sewage on your own because it often requires excavation services. The good news is Pipe Pros Utah’s excavation service can handle this at any time of the day.

Water Lines

Your main water line can be repaired or replaced by our plumbing experts. As a homeowner, your water lines can develop issues resulting in the need for excavation service. Consider hiring a professional plumber to inspect this line because it is essential for delivering clean water to your home.

New Drain Installations

Digging up your yard and destroying your landscape may be the last thing anyone wants to do (even us! ). Still, it is occasionally necessary for new drain installations. And as such, a plumbing excavation service may be required. Contact Pipe Pros Utah for a top-notch excavation service.


Repiping is often necessary when cracked, rusted, or aged pipes can lead to a wide range of issues. A plumbing excavation may be required in this case, and it is better left to a professional plumber.

Gas Lines

Excavation of gas lines is a task best left to the experts. If you’re excavating any utility lines, you should only do so if you have the proper training and experience. New gas lines can be damaged by digging around existing gas pipes. Explosions can occur when excavating near these lines if the necessary precautions are not followed.

Trenchless Repairs & Pipe Relining

There are many dangers associated with trenchless repairs & pipe relining in large landscape or building projects, which necessitate plumbing excavation services. Pipe Pros Utah is equipped with the necessary training and experience to ensure a safe plumbing excavation service for Davis County homeowners and their surroundings.

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Pipe Pro's Utah Is Ready to Help With All Your Excavation Needs

We understand how critical it is to have a properly functional underground line, so you can rely on us to complete your excavation on time. Pipe Pros Utah completed the job right the first time, and you won’t have come back to us for the same problem ever again. We can address any plumbing excavation issue,  either big or small.

Why Choose Us for your plumbing excavation service:

  • We’re the number one plumbing excavation service in Farmington, Utah.
  • Our specialists are highly talented and well-versed in their craft.
  • For more than two decades, we’ve been assisting consumers with these challenges.
  • Customer service is a top priority since we care about the people who use our services.

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We Offer Residential & Commercial Plumbing Repairs

Plumbing is such a vital element of our lives that we sometimes take it for granted. That is unless it fails to do so. Pipes Pros Plumbing offers household plumbing services to guarantee that you and your family remain comfortable throughout the year and that you never have to worry about your plumbing.

Keep in mind that household plumbers are responsible for more than simply pipes! While we take pleasure in our superior ability to assure the smooth operation of your pipes and drains, our plumbers are also available to service your water heater system, gas plumbing, vent systems, and external drainage systems.

While many companies overlook it, unexpected plumbing issues may create significant delays to your operations. Pipe Pros Utah Services provides commercial plumbing for almost any sector. Our qualified and tested plumbing services will keep your staff safe and your company operating efficiently, from grease traps in industrial kitchens to pipe fitting in massive warehouses.


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Best place to get your water heater replaced! They responded at a timely manner and prices are the best in the area. They educated us on what we needed and got it done professionally. Definitely recommend using them.

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"Pipe Pro's Utah is the best Plummer out there. They are very responsive. I have had them come to my home and were very professional and honest. I would recommend them to anyone."

Spencer Salisbury

"They were awesome! They were able to replace our 20 year old water heater within hours of it passing into the great beyond. We woke up to cold showers in the morning and Pipe Pros got us hot water again before dinner. Would highly recommend!"

Our Promise To Our Customer

 We take pride in our work and want to ensure that our customers are happy with the results. We offer a wide range of services, and we are always available to answer any questions you may have.

We know the importance of a clean home, and we want to make sure that your home is always clean after we finish a project. We will always clean up after ourselves and make sure that there is no mess left behind.

When you hire Pipe Pros Utah, you can rest assured knowing that you are hiring a licensed and insured plumbing company. We are dedicated to providing our customers with the best possible service and will always make sure that our work is up to code

We will never hidden fees or surprise charges. We will always give you a clear estimate before we start any work so that you know exactly what to expect. Contact us today to learn more about our pricing options!