Sump Pump Installation & Repairs in Farmington, Utah

Providing reliable Sump Pump Installation & Repair in Davis County, Utah, and surrounding Utah areas. 

Sump Pump Installation & Repairs in Farmington, Utah

Providing reliable Sump Pump Installation & Repair in Davis County, Utah, and surrounding Utah areas. 

Emergency Sump Pump Solutions Available 24/7

Your sump pump  prevents flooding and water damage in low-lying parts of your property . It’s essential to have an expert and qualified plumber on call whenever your sump pump breaks down, regardless of the time of day or night, weekday or weekend. Pipe Pros Utah Plumbers is always at your service

The sooner you call 801-804-5322 , the sooner one of our Farmington sump pump repair and installation experts will be dispatched to your house or company.

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Sump Pump Replacement

Sump Pump Installation & Repair in Davis County

What Does A Sump Pump Do?

When properly installed and maintained, a sump pump in Farmington, Utah, can help to safeguard your property from water damage. A sump pump is a tiny pump that removes water from the lowest point of your house, like the basement area. Drainage pipes are used to evacuate water from the site before it reaches your basement. As a result, installing a sump pump serves as a safeguard against the possibility of flooding. Most people who have one installed view it as a form of flood insurance. Even if your basement is unfinished or used for storage, flooding can have a terrible effect. So, get in touch with Pipe Pros Plumber today for proper sump pump installation.

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How To Check If My Sump Pump Is Working?

Checking to see your sump pump is in good working condition is very paramount before any emergency flooding. This is to protect your property from damage. Here are a few tips to check if your sump pump is in working condition.

Step 1

The first step is to unplug the pump and then replug it. Plug your sump pump into an outlet and look for two different connectors. They have separate float switches and separate motors. Unplug both of them, then only plug in the one that goes to the pump. Repair or replacement is needed if the pump doesn’t start right away. Reconnect the other plug if the pump functioned as expected.

Step 2

Running water through your sump pump is another way to test it. Fill your sump pit to the point where the float will rise, and the pump will turn on. A faulty switch may be to blame if the water level reaches the top of your pit, yet the pump still doesn’t work. If the pump is activated, the water level in the hole should be lowered significantly, removing nearly all of it. It’s possible to test the pump’s operation by lifting the float arm and seeing if it activates. However, this procedure does not guarantee that water will be drained out. Don’t let the pump run for more than a few seconds if you’re testing it without water. 

Doubting if your sump pump is still in good working condition? Contact Pipe Pros Utah today for an inspection, and get a top-notch service.

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Common Sump Pump Problems

A sump pump is not a guarantee of a dry basement for any Davis County homeowner who has experienced flooding. Many sump pumps, however, are intrinsically prone to malfunctions. Here are a few common sump problems.

Power Failure

When the power goes out, your primary sump pump is no different from any other electrical item in your home. It is advisable to invest in a high-quality backup sump pump as a precaution.

Pump Was Overwhelmed

There is a prevalent belief that all pumps are the same. I don’t believe that’s the case. You get what you pay for in sump pumps and life. At the very least, you’ll need a sump pump that can pump 35 gallons of water per minute at a minimum. If you use less, your sump pump may not keep up with the water flow. A 12 horsepower sump pump is recommended if your home is located in an area with a high water table or if you hear your sump pump running regularly (which can typically pump about 60 gallons per minute). To be on the safe side, choose a battery-powered pump!

Sump Discharge Pipe Froze

This is a typical occurrence where the winters can be terrible. There may be a blockage in the pipe if the pitch of the pipe is not correct. Due to the universal law of gravity, the water will return to your sump pit. It’s only a matter of time before the hole fills up and the water spills all over your basement floor

Old Age

When it comes to sump pumps, “If it ain’t busted, don’t fix it” is a bad idea because you could end up with a flooded basement. Sump pumps should be updated every five to seven years or so for maximum safety.

Facing sump pump troubles? Don’t wait for a flood to tell you it’s time for an upgrade or repair! Reach out to Pipe Pros, your go-to professional sump pump repair service. With us, you’re not just fixing a pump; you’re safeguarding your peace of mind against those pesky water woes.

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